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Munchies? Where to Find the Best Late Night Food in Key West

10pm is closing time for many of our local Key West restaurants, so what happens if guests arrive late, are hungry due to a time change, or just woke up from their post-happy-hour nap? Well, no need to panic! There are lovely late-night kitchens open about town, and only half of the list requires putting pants on…the other half delivers!


Point 5

A late-nite nest for chic foodies. Photo // Pinterest

Sitting on top of a fine dining favorite, Point 5 inhabits the 2nd story of a historic Duval Street Victorian home. It’s big brother, Nine One Five, serves spectacular food, but can only boast of staying open til 10pm. This younger and newer establishment is still slinging craft cocktails and gourmet tapas until midnight. Add to all of that a bird’s eye view of our main street and you have a memorable twilight.

Delivery? No. Pants? Yes. This is a respectable place.


Better Than Sex

For the romantics with a sweet tooth. Photo // TripAdvisor

Better Than Sex is as tantalizing as the name sounds. This “Desert Only” bistro takes reservations until 12am, so come prepared for a sugar rush that could keep you up into the midnight hours! Their orgasmic “happy hour” starts at 10pm. Here being a night owl is rewarded!

Delivery? No. Pants? Yes. The name is somewhat misleading.


Al Maidah

Exotic spices al fresco, or in the comfort of your own home. Photo // Yelp

Fast food is not the only late night food option in Key West, as everyone is now learning. Al Maidah is also open til midnight serving Eurasian (Middle Eastern, Eastern European, and Mediterranean) food. If you’re looking for carb-loaded comfort food from The Motherland, they win.  The atmosphere is as intoxicating as the smells from the kitchen.

Delivery? Yes. Pants necessary? No,  just a tip for the deliverer.


Midnight – 4am:

Mr. Z’s

Prevent hangovers by downing a slice or a sammie from Mr. Z’s. Photo // Foursquare

For a classic, post-Duval-Crawl, late night meal, Mr. Z’s has every pleasure: pizza, phillies, stromboli, and delivery til 4am. Never do chain when you can do local!

Delivery? Yes. Pants necessary? Not even.


Mary Ellen’s Bar

Spin the wheel of dipping sauce! Jk, you can pick your poison. Photo // TripAdvisor

Pizza ain’t the only cheesy delight in Key West. Mary Ellen’s boasts of “mom’s original comfort food”–grilled cheese. Of both the savory and sweet variety, these toasties come with meat, vegetarian, plain, or with chocolate, soup optional. Not to mention, they also serve their frozen Irish coffees til 4am as well.

Delivery? Yes. Pants necessary? Nuh-uh.


24 hours:

Sandy’s Cafe

You can choose to wait in line at Sandy’s Cafe, which is attached to a laundromat, or have it delivered. Photo // Scott McIntyre

Sandy’s may only be open til 12am on weekdays, but come Friday night, this cafe is chugging Cuban delights 24 hours a day through the weekend until Monday morning. Delivery is only available til midnight, but the order window is open all wee hours of the night and morning.

Delivery? Yes. Pants necessary? Some kind of cover-up would be nice.


As a last word of advice for those still out before 4am, penniless, and desperate…

There’s always The Green Parrot, Key West’s oldest bar, and their free, self-serve popcorn machine that’s available til 4 am. A word of warning though–the buttery/salty goodness makes you thirsty as hell, so you’ll soon be in need of cash anyways to hit their bar.