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KWFT Guide Spotlight: Robert Tracy


Meet Robert Tracy (aka “Tracy” as he goes by his last name)! He is KWFT’s dedicated Southernmost Food Tour guide, a true born-and-raised island local, and our little mexican jumping bean! A natural in the spotlight, Tracy has given the tour his own twist taking guests around on what he refers to as “The Tracy Show.” We asked him a few questions about the tour, Key West, and what makes this Florida Keys native tick. If you’ve been on his tour, you may already know what he’ll say because he a talker and wears his heart and passion for the island, local food and culture on his sleeve. Either way, here’s what he said…

What do you love most about Key West food?

For me it has to be the variety and the freshness of our beloved seafood! Also, the amazing food scene! See, I’m a snacker, which means I LOVE the happy hour apps! I swear, Key West has the best happy hour deals in the whole world. Plus, the social atmosphere around food here really adds to the magic for me! Speaking of…Isn’t it almost that time? I’m hungry.

What’s your favorite thing about leading food tours?

YOU!! The people!! My guest on these tours make everyday something new and exciting! Most people are here on vacation from all over the world, I am their window into Key West’s food and history and I love being one of the local born and raised characters here in the Keys who gets to provide information and entertainment! Come join me as a “special guest” on The Tracy Show. haha.

Where would we find you when you’re not on a food tour?

I’m the exact opposite of Waldo…you are gonna find me EVERYWHERE! I’m always working around town. In fact, I may be your UBER driver. Or, I might be putting you on a sunset cruise. I could even sell you a hammock! Why, are you in need of a hammock? But after dark, when the work is done, I’m at the Green Parrot or any of my other favorite bars around town! As you know, I’m not shy, so come say “hello!”


If tonight was your last supper in Key West, what might we catch you eating?

I will be neck deep in shrimp, Stone crab claws, And lobster! Don’t forget the bowl of garlic butter I plan to dip it all in! Funny (more sad) thing is, I developed a shellfish allergy at 24, but since you said “Last Supper” I figured, “if I’m going out, I’m going out swinging!” haha. There would be some chicken wings and a juicy bacon cheeseburger around also…I may be thin, but I can EAT!

Well folks, there you have it. Moral of the story is: if you need a hammock, a ride, a sunset cruise, or an epic tour around the food gems of Key West, Tracy is your man. Oh, and also, best not to leave any food leftovers too close to him…just say’n.