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Key West June 2023 is Jam Packed! A List Of The Best Things To Do.



It’s officially summer and Key West continues to sizzle with events happening this June. School’s out and days grow longer giving you plenty of time to soak up the sun here in the sub-tropics. Dance, eat, swim and learn this month with our must-do’s list:


Party With Pride

Photo // Misterbnb

Arguably one of the biggest events in Key West, Pride 2021 is going to be nothing short of amazing. June 5 -9th, it’s 5 fun filled days of street parades, rainbow bike rides, parties till the sunrise, and Mr. & Mrs. Pride pageants. Get lost in the glitter and represent One Human Family.

Swim Around The Island

Photo // (Bert Budde/Florida Keys News Bureau/HO)

Cool off June 1st and jump in for this 12.5 mile swim around Key West. You’ll be swimming in 80 degrees (cooler than being on land), through two different oceans: the Gulf of Mexico & Atlantic. Take on the feat solo, or join a relay time and become a true merperson.


Fall in Love with Stock Island


Just a hop, skip, and jump across Cow Key Channel from Cayo Hueso (Key West) is the artsy working community, Stock Island! With bustling docks for the shrimp and fishing boats to the live-aboard marinas, Stock Island has an eclectic, rustic charm all its own. Come check them out and find out why we Love Stock Island, the last little piece of Old Key West, at this fest!

Live The Local Culture

Indulge in some of the freshest seafood in town on the Historic Seaport Food Tour. Fisherman deliver their catch daily and you truly get to taste the culture of Key West. This afternoon will leave you feeling like a local.


Experience Carnival “Key West-style”

a girl posing for a photo

Celebrate freedom, African & Caribbean  culture with Key West Carnival! This weekend of celebration promises authentic Caribbean entertainment, food, dance and merriment in keeping with our island heritage! The party AND the parade (of course) all starts at the Truman Amphitheater. Tickets and more info here

Truman’s Tropical Fruit Festival

Photo // Florida Weekly Key West

Can you tell the difference between a haden and a kent mango? At the Tropical Fruit Festival, you’ll have the chance to taste all types of mangoes and other tropical fruits, sip tasty cocktails, watch cooking demos and much more. Learn about planting fruit trees and have the opportunity to purchase some to take home. This event includes: fresh fruit, tropical fruit trees for purchase, as well as educational talks, cooking demonstrations, local vendors, kids activities, and more.


Go Mango Crazy!

a close up of a flower

Featuring all things Mango, Mango Fest will show you what the king of fruit has to offer! Experience all things Mango flavored and themed through shopping, education and demonstrations. Stroll through Bayview Park to visit vendors, shop our local shops, visit galleries, and order great food. Learn more about this sweet, tangy gem and enjoy local’s favorite recipes. Don’t miss the chance at tasting and purchasing over 30 different breeds grown right in the backyards of Key West!



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