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Top 6 Things To Do In Key West In August 2023

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Summer is peaking here in Key West, and although the crowds are slimming, there’s no shortage of events. Lobsters, music, art, eating and without a doubt, drinking, are on the lineup this month.  In no particular order here are our top 6 things to do in Key West this August:


1. Key West LobsterFest

Lobster season is finally open again on August 6th! Ok, so it’s only been 4 months, but it feels like ages since we’ve indulged on the Caribbean tails. What better way to celebrate than the 25rd Annual LobsterFest, a 4 day festival from the 12-15th, where you’ll find Lobster cooked every way imaginable. Head to Duval for the street fair and get lobster wasted!



2. Craft Cocktail Crawl

Cool off with some crisp and crafty libations at our less crowded, iconic mom-and-pop establishments on the island. Duval is fun, but our local guides lead you off the tourist driven path and instead into hidden gems. Our 3 hour tour combines cocktails, historical and cultural tidbits, and of course delicious nibbles! Locals with Monroe County ID’s get 50% off tickets to any of the 3 tours all August and September. Call to book 305-570-2010 for discount.


3. If you can’t stand the “Tropical Heat”, get outta Key West!

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You know we don things differently down here, and it the HEAT of summer, it’s time to strip down and party poolside during this week of naughty, wet and wild fun known at “Tropical Heat.” Think this is right in your swimming lane? Then head to the events page and be sure to snag a wrist band.



What events are you looking forward to this month in Key West?




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