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10 MORE Delicious Reasons You Should Be In Key West Right Now

Looking for a Key West foodie check-list for your next visit?

Huffington Post’s 10 Delicious Reasons You Should Be in Key West Right Now, an article written almost 3 years ago, still rings perfectly true today, but there’s FAR more than 10 Delicious Reasons to be in Key West! If you’ve been here before, you could probably name a million. Does the Jimmy the friendly bellboy count? Does the homemade sauce that comes with the conch fritters count? Absolutely. But in an effort to narrow it down, we’re only listing an additional 10 to their top picks.

Admittedly, the article brings up a couple great points: everyone is still freezing their butts off (well, other than us) all over the country, and we are still eating copious amounts of delicious food here in Key West…in our bikinis, al fresco.

The culinary round-up Huff Post provided is nothing short of a tease to anyone who reads it. Coming from a native, they hit the nail on the head. Juicy and mouthwatering, their article was the perfect inspiration to fill in the missing gaps they left open.

So, without further adieu, in addition to their list, here are 10 MORE delicious reasons why we live in Key West.


1. Cracked Conch

Photo //

Breaded, fried, and served with a dipping sauce.  Enough said, right?  Different from fried Conch Fritters, this preparation let’s the Conch shine alone.  The meat is pounded out with a mallet until it’s thin and tender, and then deep fried.  Stop by BO’s Fish Wagon, and get the real deal, or try it in a sandwich with Key Lime mayo in between Cuban bread.


2. Margaritas

Fresh Ingredients. the best margaritas in key west!

Photo // Agave 308

Wasted away again in Margaritaville!  Apart from Jimmy Buffet renaming our island, everyone can agree on how delicious these are.  Check out the Tequila Bar (Agave 308), not only for ‘ritas, but top-notch tequila cocktails.


3. Cuban Roast Pork

Costomer Appreciation Menu

Photo // instagram // elsiboney_key_west

Gotta have Cuban food when you’re only 90 miles away from the real thing.  The Roast Pork is so luxurious  you’ll want to bathe in Mojo for the rest of your life.  Mojo is the magical marinade of garlic and sour oranges, that the meat soaks in overnight, by the way. Trust us and order the #1 at El Siboney.


4. Key Lime Donut

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Sure, we can get pretty much anything edible down here that is Key Lime flavored, but Glazed Donuts really takes it next level with this one.  It’s everything you want it to be.  Plus, all of their fruit based donuts are seasonal from South Florida farms.


5. Mojitos

Photo //

Hemingway’s drink.  Rum-running.  Mojito’s are drenched in history and culture here in Key West.  Sweet sweet rum, you’ve got our attention.  Sip on some magic at El Meson De Pepe’s at Mallory Square and dance to live Cuban music while watching the sunset.  It feels like Havana.


6. Cuban Mix

Photo // Sandy’s Cuban Cafe

Down in Key West, we’ve taken the original Cubano sandwich, added lettuce, tomato, salami, and mayo, and called it a mix.  Your welcome.  This is the perfect sandwich to take on the boat or to a beach picnic.  Pair it with an iced Cafe con Leche and your day is made. 5 Brothers Grocery makes ’em extra meaty.  Again, your welcome.


7. Tropical Fruits

Photo // pinterest

The beauties of living in the Tropics are directly proportional to the hefty amounts of tropical fruits we get to consume.  Avocado, Mango, Key Lime, Coconut, Papaya, Mamey, Tamarind and Spanish Limes just to name a few.  Even better?  Year round tropical fruit ice cream!  Especially refreshing when our high today is 82 degrees.  For the best, all natural homemade stuff, be sure it’s Flamingo’s Crossing.


8. Conch Salad

It’s fun to try all the different ways Conch can be served.  Eating it raw with lime juice is heaven and a true treat for picky locals.  We call it salad instead of ceviche down here, and hands down the best in town are at Lagerhead’s Beach Bar at the end of Simonton and Johnson’s Grocery in Bahama Village .  Johnson’s is unassuming, and looks like a convenient store when you walk in, which it is.  But ask B for some conch salad and he’ll happily oblige. The local ladies at Lagerhead’s are sharing a 3rd generation family recipe with their guests, so grandma’s elbow grease is paving the way to their success.


9. Grunts

Photo // Yelp

Yup, Grunts, a staple part of Key West Cuisine for hundreds of years.  It’s the underdog, the underrated champion, the fish that gets its name from grunting when you catch them.  They’re easy to catch and great to eat.  Remember that this post is in addition to Huffington’s, so of course Hogfish, Grouper, Yellowtail, Mahi Mahi are all game changers.  But let’s not forget about the original.

Get your own and bring it to a restaurant that cooks your catch! 


10. Waterfront Dining

Photo //

One of the MAIN delicious reasons to be in Key West right now!  Food tastes better when you’re near the ocean.  At the harbor, on the beach, on the boat, the island life awaits.  Our winters are warm and the sea breeze is cool.  Have I convinced you yet?