Key West Food Tours

Our Mission

Key West Food Tours was founded to showcase a cuisine unique to the two by four mile island. On this tiny piece of land in the middle of the ocean, there are over 300 restaurants! Within this number, we want you to experience native tropical dishes prepared by chefs who have perfected their craft.


More About Us

Here in Key West, food is an art, and art is what we know best. It’s no secret that Key Westers are a little different than folks elsewhere. We islanders are known to be laid-back, creative, wacky, and friendly. Well, the chefs are no different. Our signature Southernmost Food Tour allows you to taste dishes seeped in the history of Key West– a cuisine that reflects our position on the map. Cuban, Caribbean, and tropical flavors make up the grub seen on the menus. But it isn’t just about the food… It’s about what makes this quirky town beat. We want you to have an understanding of how our town came to be, why the houses were built this way, and what has happened to us since. Our goal is to link up these best-all-around dishes with you while providing historical anecdotes, because, let’s face it, the food tastes better when there’s a story behind it! Here at Key West Food Tours, our team and tour guides are dedicated to giving you the best experience possible, while filling your bellies up with local favorites. We want to show you what our island has to offer: A rich history with cultural influences, and tasty local food!


Analise Smith, Owner


Shannon McRae, General Manager

A native Floridian, Shannon was the first to join the KWFT Team. Starting as a guide, she knows the tours and the Key West food scene inside and out.  Now she’s helping run the show from behind the scenes, but still takes any opportunity to fill in and lead a tour.

Local fave: Local catch sushi and sashimi

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Robert "Tracy", Lead Guide

Rambunctious and raring to go, Tracy leads all 3 of the company tours, so expect to see him everywhere! This born and raised Conch is always up for a good time and never late for dinner. Once you meet him, you’ll love him…and probably end up as drinking buddies afterwards.

Local Fave: “Papa Doble” Hemingway Daquiri


Rose Chambilss, Guide

Rose may be a New Yorker by birth, but he’s a Florida man at heart. This smooth-talking gentle giant has a soft spot for our Seafood Lover’s Tour. Even though he works clear over 40 hours a week at multiple jobs, he will always have time to take you and yours out for a stroll around the historic Seaport!

Local Fave: Peel n eat Pink shrimp


Sophia Hutchinson, Guide

Curious about the accent? Sophia was born in Poland, but has since spent the majority of her years in the States down here in paradise. Not only does she love Key West, but our love for her, too, is just as strong as the drinks she pours while tending bar when she’s not leading our tours!

Local Fave: Conch fritters


JP Hucke, Guide

Enthusiasm is JP’s middle name. He may have sailed down here with the intention of only staying the weekend, but he takes a certain pride about choosing Key West as his permanent home and it reflects in his tours. A tour with JP means a story time full of laughs.

Local Fave: Royal red shrimp scampi


Amy Flisram, Guide

Interested in the juicy dramatic side of history? Amy’s your girl. She’s loves a good feud, death, or conspiracy theory to keep her guest’s attention, so expect to hear a few different details to the Key West tales you’re familiar with. As far as her Wisconsin home goes, there’s no going back for Amy, she’s staying here where it’s warm.

Local fave: Key Lime Martini