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Attention Boys & Ghouls! The Boos & Bites Tour is COMING!

THIS MONDAY, Oct 23rd, Key West Food Tours is bewitching guests with two transfixing hours of cocktails and costumes down Fantasy Fest lane! This spellbinding tour includes so many goodies, it’ll have you JUMPING with FEAR……ummm, we mean “JOY!”

spooky orange cocktails sitting in a graveyard scene

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Here are the Top 5 Reasons this Tour is NOT to Miss!

1. Each Tantalizing Tonic is Themed!

An array of Halloween themed drinks with spooky accessories

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First and foremost, the tour provides a poison for every persuasion! This is what you came for AND paid for and we don’t disappoint! Ask around and you’ll hear from the locals that the bars on our list are some of the most infamous local haunts serving up lip-licking craft cocktails and BOOS! Each potion has it’s own naughty nickname and Halloween surprise! The 5 drinks will surely loosen you up for the rest of the week’s festivities…or just Monday night’s.


2. Soak up the Poison with a few Tasty Bites!

pork taco with kimchi slaw from Agave 308

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Key West Food Tours wouldn’t leave you “hang’n” on an empty stomach, now would we? Food is literally our middle name. What kind of cruel and unusual punishment would THAT be? No sir, we’ve got finger-licking bites to keep the hunger monster at bay. We wouldn’t call it a meal, but juuuust enough to help you soak up the poison and keep the party moving…


3. Be Hypnotized by History!

Moving Skeleton Float operated by paraders

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There’s a lot about Fantasy Fest that most people don’t know, not to mention Key West. It’s every tour’s duty to impart the answers to such mysteries and Boos & Bites has them. Your guide will entertain you with island fun facts and legends of the crazy escapades of years past. But Beware! There’s a rumor that “alcohol makes you forget”…good thing Key West Food Tours operates their signature Southernmost Food Tour all week as you may have so much fun you’ll need to join us again!


4. Have a Beer in a Haunted House…

Haunted House ticket graphic

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We won’t spoil which stop it is, but be sure you’ll hit at least one bar with a history of hauntings! If someone passes out, be careful not to ask if “there’s a Doctor in the house” for that’s exactly who haunts it! Be alert and you may leave with your own ghostly encounter.


5. Prance Around in Costumes!

groupof costumed party goers toasting their cocktails

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Not that you need any excuse in Key West, but Fantasy Fest is the extra pass to bring out the paint, hats, masks, and glitter that normal life just doesn’t permit. Were strutting our stuff around town and we want everyone to know it! Ghouls, vampires, and happy-haunts-of-all-kind are welcomed (as costuming is highly encouraged)! Choosing not to costume would be a GRAVE mistake. Dig it?


So cut loose, be free, and kick off Fantasy Fest with us in the most “spirited” fashion. 

BOOK NOW…See (through) you there!