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KWFT Guide Spotlight: Analise Smith

Analise turned “doing what you love” into a career.

Meet Analise Smith! She is Key West Food Tour’s Wonder Woman! A Jill-of-all-trades, Analise designed the tour, developed the brand, and is the driving force behind building our company from the ground up. We asked her a few questions about the tour, Key West, and what makes the entrepreneur tick, here’s what she said…

What do you love most about Key West food?

Growing up on the island exposed me to the most delicious seafood: pink shrimp and spiny lobster; mouth-watering grouper and stone crab. Everything was caught from our local waters. Fortunately, my grandparents came from Cuba, and my seafood staple was intertwined with Cuban cuisine. These fresh seafood and Cuban dishes are all part of the experience of growing up in Key West. And let’s not forget the HUGE variety of tropical fruits we have here. What a joy to wake up to fresh coconuts and key limes growing in your backyard!


What’s your favorite thing about leading food tours?

Showing our guests that there is so much more to Key West than Duval Street! I would hate for a traveler to leave without experiencing the culture of the people who live here. We are an island rich in history, and it’s reflected in our cuisine.  I really like that the groups are small, which give it an intimate feel. I often feel like I am walking around town showing a group of friends where the best places are to eat. It’s a great feeling to have them finish the tour with a deeper connection to the city.

Where would we find you when your not on a food tour?

Behind my computer! As the owner and operator of Key West Food Tours, I work behind the scenes trying to get every last detail put in place. I’ve put my heart and soul into this business and pinch myself everyday that I am able to create a full-time profession around regional food, culture and history. And when I’m not thinking about food 24/7, I love going out on the boat to the sandbars. The Florida Keys are idyllic!


If tonight was your last supper in Key West, what might we catch you eating?

Stone crab claws for an appetizer, grilled spiny lobster as my main course, and Spanish limes for dessert.