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Rain in Paradise?! Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Key West

Guests wearing ponchos smiling on a rainy food tour in Key West

You’ve spent all this money to get down to Key West and now, (what?!?) the tanned, South Florida weatherman is calling for RAIN?!?! First of all, we have a saying down here, “If you don’t like the weather, wait half an hour.” But, that doesn’t mean everyday in the Sunshine State is a sunny one. Yep, some days in paradise aren’t perfect.  So when it rains, don’t let your mood turn gray, follow our list to Key West indoor bliss!

Don’t let a few raindrops ruin a vacation! Photo //


Go See a Movie!

Don’t let the name fool you, Tropics Theater is a cool, dry zone on a hot, wet day or night.
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Tropic Cinema is the perfect setting to watch a Blockbuster, art film, or documentary all while supporting a local nonprofit. The 4 screen multiplex has state-of-the-art digital projection, an art gallery, extensive concessions, and lounge. The mod Art Deco vibe helps sell the cool factor. Bonus points if you score a pic with Marilyn.


Drink & Play Games!

Score double at Waterfront Brewery with games AND locally made brews.
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Waterfront Brewery is JUST the place to spend a rainy day. If you like bar games and brews this place is for you! Their game room is a gloomy day cure. Beers like Crazy Lady, Boat Day IPA, and Key Lime Witness will make you not even care that you’re missing a day at the pool improving your tan.



Explore under the sea while keeping completely dry. Photo //

If the weather is not cooperating with your boat excursion plans, the next best thing is to imagine yourself underwater at the Eco Discovery Center, a natural history museum of the Florida Keys. Featuring interactive exhibits of the native plants and animals of our region, this museum is fun for all ages and is one of the best things to do indoors in Key West. Learn about the mangroves, coral reef, sea creatures, and walk through a mock up of the Aquarius, the world’s only underwater lab where scientists live.



Photo // pinterest

One of the most unique buildings in Key West, the Customs House serves as a fun way to understand the history of the island.  Once inside see the current exhibits of the museum on the first floor. Past displays include the navy in Key West, ghosts of east martello, and life of the lighthouse keepers. The second floor are permanent exhibits consisting of Hemingway, the overseas railroad, and a two century history of art, people and events. Spend a lazy afternoon here and forget that it’s raining outside.


Treat Yo Self!

Who cares if its gloomy outside when you’re getting pampered. Photo //

Getaways sometimes get so jam-packed with activities that sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation! Well then, use a rainy day and the boat trip refund money to treat-yo-self to a spa day! Prana Spa & La Concha are our top picks for pampering.



Put your ponchos away and grab your aprons for an Isle Cook experience.

With Chef’s Tasting Menus, Hands-On Cooking Lessons, and Wine Education Events, Isle Cook is THE place to be on a rainy day! Let’s face it, with a calendar of classes such as theirs, it doesn’t even need to be rainy, you just need to be hungry…


Join Us for a Tour!

We seek cover from all weather-hot or wet, or both!

Rain doesn’t stop this train from leaving the station! We operate rain or shine. The Southernmost Food Tour hits six stops for food and beverages (and yes, these bevs are alcoholic) and that’s just the beginning. As a guest, you learn about Key West history, culture, and cuisine (of course) all while being entertained by a local guide and fed delicious conch classics! If you came unprepared, we’ve got you covered…literally, with a complimentary poncho!

Pretend its NOT Raining!

Welcome to the Butterfly Conservatory, it looks like outside, but feels like heaven!
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While inside the Butterfly Conservatory, all senses tell you you’re outside in an exotic wonderland, when in fact you are not. Enclosed in glass, the Conservatory is home to exotic and international plants, butterflies, finches, and other birds. Scarlett & Rhett, the resident flamingos, are the stars-honking and posing in their personal pond that sits up against a gazebo gazing area.  Take your time in there and enjoy the landscape along with the enchanting harp music that plays as a natural soundtrack to the floating butterflies.

And remember…keep your clothes dry and your appetites wet!

Did you end up in Key West on a rainy day? Let us know what you did in the comments below!